Colenta MEDIPHOT 900 E

H εταιρεία μας αντιπροσωπεύει αποκλειστικά και διαθέτει στην ελληνική αγορά τα ιατρικά ακτινολογικά προιόντα MEDIPHOT του ΟΙΚΟΥ COLENTA MEDICAL LABORTECHNIK Gmbh & CO Αυστρίας.

For all standard X-Ray Films.
Certified for Mammography - Film processing.

with LVTT (Low Volume Thin Tank) rack design, chemistry fully protected against air oxydation.
with Intermediate Wash between developer and fixer rack for reduced maintenance (cleaning requirements by
the user), for reduced carryover of developer/contamination of fixer and reduced fixer replenishment.
with Programmable Microprocessor Controller incl. Sensorbar (6 pulsed IR-sensors) for exact Detection of
Film Area for precise replenishment of chemistry, to control Anti-oxidation/Standby-Replenishment Cycles,
Anti-Crystallisation Cycles, Standby Mode, Processing Time/Speed and Dryer/Developer Temperature of the processor.
with Inline Heatexchanger for developer/fixer heating with overheat protection and cold water cooling facility (± 0,2°C for dev.).
with Warm Air Dryer with overheat protection.
with maintencance free, Inline Gear Drive System

Technical Specifications:

max. Film width: 36cm/14inch
min. Film lenght: 10cm/4inch
Tankbody PA: Dev/Fixer/Wash 2,3 lt. each
Dev. Temp. Range: 18-43°C ± 0,2°C
Dryer Temperature: approx 50°C
Replenishment: variable / programmable 0-800ml/m²

Capacity at cycle time (Dry to Dry):           intake speed              dev time
                                                                     (cm/min)                     (sec)
              90 sec                                                 69                            17
             110 sec                                                57                            21
             150 sec                                                42                            29
             180 sec                                                35                            35

Electr. Power Supply: 230V, 50/60 Hz, 1,7kW
Water Supply: R3/4“, max 18°C, 3-6 bar
1,5 - 2 lt./min
Water Drain: 32mm (5/4inch) hose or tube




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