Colenta MEDIPHOT 937/943 X-Ray

H εταιρεία μας αντιπροσωπεύει αποκλειστικά και διαθέτει στην ελληνική αγορά τα ιατρικά ακτινολογικά προιόντα MEDIPHOT του ΟΙΚΟΥ COLENTA MEDICAL LABORTECHNIK Gmbh & CO Αυστρίας.

For all standard X-Ray Films - Certified for Mammography - Film processing.

                                         DEV-Time               Cycle Time               Intake Speed
MP937/943:                       18sec to                 1’24’’min to              106cm/min to (min.)
max. 37 (43) cm                  99 sec                    7’43’’min                  20cm/min (max.)

All MEDIPHOT-model processors have 9 programmable processing channels, an intermediate rinse bath rack system,film feed tray (optional with Cover lid) and supplied with 2 x 30 lt replenishment storage tanks.


Standard Features and accessories:
- compact / robust design
- open stand (optional covered)
- 2 rep. storage tanks 30L (for Dev and Fix)
- optical sensorbar for touchless measuring incoming film area

The best results in „Low Volume” Tank designs. All Colenta Processors are equipped with precision temperature control of all processing chemistry with automatic Developer Tank cooling to prevent overheating. Replenishment is preheated by injection into the inline chemical heating systems, which are controlled to pre-set programmed temperatures within +/- 0,2 °C.




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