COLENTA Medical X-Ray MP902/MP903

Processing applications: Rolls/Cut sheets of all commonly used x-ray films
Filmthickness: up to 0,18mm (7mil)
Materialwidth: min. 7,5 cm max. 43cm
Material length: min. 10 cm
TimeinDeveloper: MP 902 min. 16 sec - max. 90 sec
MP 903 min. 19 sec - max. 105 sec


Solution heating(Fix andDEV): variable in a range of 18°C - 43°C
Dryer:                                        warm air
                                                  variable in a range of 18°C - 55°C
Replenishment:                         Fully automatic - the replenishment ismicroprocessor controlled and
                                                  calculated from the informations received from an optical 6 sensor
                                                  scannerbar, located at the entrance oft the processor right before
                                                  the developer rack. This scannerbar (sensorbar) confirms the
                                                  incomming width and length of the film, in this way the film surface
                                                  is beeing calculated by the CPU - depending on that the needed
                                                  replenishmentamount isactivatedandspent.
Wash water distribution:            built in3-waymagnetic valve
Wash water flowrate:                1,5 - 2 ltr/min when film is processed
Wash water supply pressure:    3 - 10 bar
Wash water supply:                   filtered at a temperature of 8°C- 15°C
                                                   with 3/4" hose connection
Wash water drain:                     32mm (5/4inch) hose or tube


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