The veterinary pulse oximeter UT100V, as a portable, compact, simple, reliable and durable measuring device, can greatly enhances animals’ care. It is widely applied in vet clinic and hospital.


* High accuracy and reliable performance
* 120-hours record storage
* Audible & visual alarm signals
* Convenient clinic operation
* Compact design for carrying and handling
* Low power consumption and up to 20 hours continuously operation
* High resolution back light LCD display
* Display SpO2,PR,Pulse bar
* Battery-low indicator
* Suitable for dog,cat and horse

* Veterinary special SpO2 sensor.

Technical Parameters



accuracy:± 2 at 70-100%



Pulse rate

range:30-400 bpm

accuracy:± 2 at 30-400 bpm

resolution:1 bpm

Package includes:
*l UT100V

*l Veterinary SpO2 sensor.

*l hanging strip

*l AC/DC adapter (optional)

*l protective cover

*l data analysis software(optional)

*l USB cable(optional)



*product dimension:135*75*28mm

*package size:260*160*90mm

*258g(including batteries)


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